BCP Instruments

Wires / Ribbons / custom made Gaskets

Wires / Ribbons

Many wires and ribbons from various materials are available for the repair or manufacture of mass spectrometers filaments, thermocouples, source heaters…

Rhenium, tungsten, platinum, tantale, gold, etc… are available with a minimum length of one foot (30.5cm). The complete list is available here.

Our partner SIS has introduced a new Yttria/Rhenium Alloy to repair and manufacture flaments: SISAlloy®. This filament is stronger and less susceptible to warping.


Wires for thermocouples

For the manufacture of your own thermocouples, we advise you to use chromel, constantan, alumel or iron.

Other high-purity Wires / Custom made Gaskets

You may have your own gaskets manufactured from high purity wires such as gold, silver, platinum, iridium.

If you need buna or viton gaskets, you may also contact us and provide exact dimensions (outer and inner diameters).


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