BCP Instruments

Filament Repairs

Have your filaments repaired

SIS has been repairing Mass Spectrometer filaments and source heaters for more than 35 years.  There is no exchange: your filament is returned to you after repair.

All filaments are thoroughly cleaned ; damaged or broken parts are repaired or replaced and the new wire/ribbon is aligned and spot welded in place.

SIS has been improving their techniques to provide the best quality filaments. Your feedback and suggestions are always appreciated.

Four types of repairs are available:

  • FILREP : standard filament repair (same filament as the manufacturer one)
  • FILREPA : filament repair with SISAlloy
  • FILREPY : filament repair with yttria coating
  • FILREPYA : filament repair with SISAlloy and yttria coating

Long-Life Yttria  Coated Filament Repairs with SISAlloy

The new SISAlloy (yttria coated rhenium) provides for a filament that has less tendency to warp or sag. The yttria coating enables the filament to operate at lower temperature and thus to last longer.

Most Agilent, Varian and Thermo filaments may be repaired with this new alloy.

If you use other filaments, please contact us.

Special Handling

The yttria coating is easily removed by touching or rough handling. Please wear gloves and handle with care.

X-Ray Generators Filament Repairs

These instruments used in crystallography have coiled tungsten filaments. SIS can repair these filaments and they will have at least equal performances compared to the original filaments supplied by the manufacturer.

We can repair RIGAKU, SIEMENS, BRUKER and ELLIOT filaments. If your filament is not listed, please contact us or visit Filament Repairs.


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