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Electron Multipliers

DeTech, a wide range of Electron Multipliers

DeTech has been manufacturing electron multipliers for more than 30 years. They offer the widest range of electron multipliers for most mass spectrometers:

  • Thermo TRACE DSQ, FOCUS DSQ, POLARIS Q, GCQ, LTQ (Deca/Duo), Trace MSQ, SSQ, TSQ 7000/Quantum, LTQ XL/FT
  • Agilent 5973/5975/5977 MSD, 6000 Series LC/MSD, 5972/5971, 5989 MS Engine
  • Varian Saturn 1, 2 & 3, Saturn 1200, 2000, 2100, 2200
  • PE/Sciex API, ELAN


The whole range of multipliers is available here.

We may help you find the multiplier you need. Please contact us and specify the manufacturer part number.

Top quality for the Photonis Electron Multipliers

The Photonis Channeltron® Mass Spec Detectors manufactured by Photonis provide the highest sensitivity through superior signal collection and noise reduction.

One of these will certainly fit your mass spectrometer:

  • 4700 Series in the analog current measuring mode: the most widely used for quadrupole mass spectrometers.
  • 4800 Series for use in either pulse-counting or analog mode.
  • 5700 Series designed for higher sensitivity.
  • 5900 Series – Magnum Series with exceptional performance to achieve optimum mass resolution.

ETP “Active Film” Electron Multipliers

These multipliers have a discrete dynode  structure and a new dynode material. They give better sensitivity by collecting the maximum  number of ions from the mass analyzer section of the instrument.

ETP Electron Multipliers are direct plug-in for many instruments such as Agilent, Bruker, Thermo, Jeol, Shimadzu…

Quel multiplicateur est compatible avec mon spectro ?

Pour vérifier quels sont les modèles compatibles avec votre spectromètre, dans ces différentes gammes, voici le lien vers un tableau de références croisées (4 pages) :

Electron Multiplier Cross Reference

Vous pouvez aussi contacter BCP en indiquant la référence constructeur du multiplicateur actuel et le modèle de votre spectromètre.


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