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8 March 2021

Broader global offering with ADAPTAS SOLUTIONS

ADAPTAS SOLUTION has grown their product portfolio and contract services through recent acquisitions of important manufacturers in the field of scientific instrumentation.ADAPTAS SOLUTIONS™ is now one of the leaders on the following segments :Manufacture of spare parts for mass spectrometers -from source to detection with DeTech, ETP and CERAMAX electron multipliers- and distributor of equipment and supplies for mass spectroscopy, sample preparation and general laboratory use.3D Optic modelisation with the two software: SIMION™ and CPO™.Liquid chromatography.High Voltage power supplies with Applied Kilovolts.BCP is one of their main distributors. We are proud to offer a wide range of products. All multipliers models... Read more
reconditionnement filaments ms
8 March 2021

Mass Spectrometer Filament Repairs

We used to repair many mass spectrometer filaments, especially when their price is high. Most filaments could be repaired and restored. Our partner recently reviewed the list of filaments that can be repaired. We will be continuing to offer the repair service for the following filaments : Agilent 5971, 5972, 73, 74XX, 75 and 77 (EI & CI) ; Thermo DSQ and Ion Trap ; Shimadzu QP5000, QP2010/2020 and the PKI Marathon, CLARUS rhenium and tungsten filaments as well as the WATERS QUATTRO, AUTOSPEC and GCT ones.We can also repair the EI JEOL ACCUTOF filament via another partner. We may... Read more
PFAS dans aliments
4 February 2021

PFAS Exposure

Per- and polyfluoroakyl substances (PFAS), commonly know as PFCs comprise a diverse group of man-made chemicals widely used for textiles, furniture & paper products, fire-fighting foam... Read more
wiley nist
4 February 2021

Wiley Registry 12th Edition/Nist 2020 MS Library

The Wiley Registry 12th Edition/NIST 2020 Library is the broadest combined library available with improved spectral search performance. You will have access to over 1 million EI mass spectra, over 1 million searchable chemical structures and over 840 000 unique compounds. This library will aid in classical EI, exact mass and any other method of identification.Dont' miss out special prices ! Upgrade policy is now more relaxed !... Read more
dioxin 2020
5 June 2020

Dioxin’Congress 2020

The Dioxin'Congress is an international Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs).The 40th Edition, scheduled in Nantes from August 30th to September 4th, had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since the locations for the three coming years are already confirmed, it was not possible to postpone it to next year.We are all deeply disappointed but our health is and remains our priority.The next Congress will be held in Xi'an, China from August 22nd until the 27th.... Read more
10 July 2018


The 38th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistant Organic Pollutants will be held in Krakow - Poland end of August (26th-31st). It will be in the heart of downtown.This year again, Wellington Laboratories are one of the major sponsors. Many distributors will be attending to welcome you on our booth."No boundaries in POPs pollution, research and control". We hope to meet you there.More info www.dioxin2018.org... Read more
26 April 2018

BFR 2018, Brominated Flame Retardant Workshop in Ontario (Canada)

BFR 2018, Brominated Flame Retardant Workshop The workshop will take place in Niagara on the Lake on May 24th and 25th (Ontario, Canada). It is a great opportunity for researchers from all over the world to share their discoveries and current works on all topics related to halogenated and non-halogenated flame retardants.More info www.bfr2018.caWellington Laboratories will participate to this workshop.... Read more
11 January 2018

First European Mass Spectrometry Conference

EMSC 2018 The first European Mass Spectrometry Conference will take place in Saarbrücken (Germany) in March 2018 (11th-15th). This conference is organized by the French MS Society (SFSM) and the German MS Society (DGMS). BCP is proud to sponsor this first session and we hope other European MS Societies will join next time.We hope to meet you there.More information here.... Read more
10 July 2017

International Toxicology Conference in Liège (Belgium) 19th-20th October 2017

6th International Toxicology Conference organized by the Liège CHU (University Hospital) and the University at the Collonster Castel on the 19th and 20th October 2017.BCP is proud to be one of the sponsors of this Toxicology Conference.We hope that many toxicologists and scientists will participate:19th Oct. : Clinical toxicology & Metabolites Aspects20th Oct. : Environment & Company ToxicologiesMore details on the official site... Read more
10 July 2017

SMMAP Congress, 2nd-5th October 2017 in Paris/Marne-la-Vallée

SMMAP 2017 Conference2nd-5th October 2017 in Marne-la-Vallée, Disneyland Paris1st Edition of a common Congress onMass Spectrometry (SFSM - French Society of Mass Spectrometry) Proteomic Analysis (SFEAP - French Society of Electrophoresis & Proteomic Analysis) Metabolomic (RFMF - French Network of Metabolomic & Fluxomic)BCP is proud to be a partner/sponsor for this scientific congress.More info smmap2017  ... Read more
17 May 2017

WILEY Mass Spectral Library of Drugs, version 2017

The 5th Edition of the Mass Spectral Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants & their Metabolites from Maurer, Pfleger & Weber is available.It has been updated with many new substances and their metabolites. Today this is the most comprehensive reference for clinical and forensic toxicologists.It is compatible with most current mass spectrometry data systems. The mass spectral library included on the CD-ROM is in multiple instrumentation manufacturers formats.Wiley, 5th Edition, MS Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants, and their Metabolites... Read more
30 March 2017

SETAC Europe 27th Annual Meeting, Brussels

In 2017 the European SETAC Meeting will be held in Brussels (Belgium) from May 8th to May 11th.More details here.... Read more
30 March 2017

Dioxin’2017 Conference, Vancouver

The Dioxin Conference will take place in Vancouver, Canada from August 20th until the 25th.Wellington Laboratories are one of the main sponsors and the whole team will be happy to welcome you.More information here.... Read more
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