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February 2017 : new 5th Edition of the WILEY MS Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants & their Metabolites
See the NIST/WILEY section

November 2016: new standards available from Wellington
US EPA Method 537 for the determination of selected perfluorinated alkyl acids in drinking water
Native and mass-labelled PFAS mixes
Aug. 2016, L-PFPrS, Components of ADONA & F-53B
Sept. 2016, Organophosphate Reference Standards (OPFRs)
See the Wellington section
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June 2016: the 2016-18 Wellington catalog is available for immediate download

You may also request a hard copy

2016: New standards available from Chiron AS :
environmental, food safety & toxicology
See the Chiron section to upload pdf documents

Imtakt : Next Generation HPLC Columns

New SIS Scientific Supply Catalog ready to ship... just request your copy !

Mini-catalogues from Chiron
available for:
New Psychoactive Substances
Pesticides (Edition 2, Oct. 2015)
Petroleum Reference Materials
Fire Retardants
Water Analysis,



It is quite difficult to list all the trademarks and manufacturers involved. The following list is not exhaustive.

Companies & Main Trademarks

Agilent Technologies: Agilent
ASI Inc: QuickSplit

Balston: Balston
Biddle: Apiezon
Buchem BV: Tenax
Burle Technologies: Burle, Channeltron

Chiron AS
Cotronics: Bond-It, Duralco
Detector Technology: DeTech
E.I. Dupont: Kalrez, Tefzel, Vespel, Viton, Zorbax
Falcon Safety Products: Dust-Off, Vector Valve
Finnigan MAT: DEP Probe, Incos, Ion Trap, ITD, TSQ

Galileo Electro-Optics: Galileo
Grandville Phillips: Convectron, Stabil-Ion
Hamilton Co: Gastight, Hamilton
Imtakt Corp: Unison
Ivax Industries: Inland, Invoil
J&W: Autostart, DB, Durabond, Durawax
Koby Company: Koby
Lab Clear Inc: OxiClear

Microsurface: Micromesh
Monsanto: Santovac
Montedison SPA: Fomblin
New Objective Inc.: Aquasil, BioBasic, GlassTips, IntegraFrit, PicoClear, PicoFrit, PicoTip, PicoView, ProteoPep, Shortix, Silica Tips, TaperTips, Trap'n Tip
Optimize Technologies: Head-Lock, Opti-Guard, Opti-Linx, Opti-Lok,Opti-Max, Velocity

SGE: Forte, PEEKsil,Superflex
Shimadau Corp: Shimadzu
SIS: Autodesorb, Automated Short Path, Autoprobe, Cryotrap, Probe Direct, Short Path, SIMION
Supelco: Carbosieve, Carbotrap
Swagelok Co: Snoop, VCR
Teletemp Co: Telatemp
Texwipe Company: Absorbond, Bluewipes, Clearview Wipes, Goldwipes, Techni-Cloth, Texpads, Texwipes, Wet & Dry, Wetswabs
Thermo Finnigan: TRACE
Thermo Fisher Scientific: DSQ, GCQ

Upchurch Scientific
Varian Instruments: Saturn
VG Instruments: Autospec, Micromass, Q-TOF, TRIO, ZSpray
VICI: Cheminert, HayeSep, Valco, ValcoBond, ValcoPlot
Wellington Laboratories
Wheaton Glass: Clean-Pak, Clear Seal, Vial File, Zipette
3M Co: FC-43, FC-71, KEL-F

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