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October 2017 :
2-5th Oct, SMMAP in Paris Marne-la-Vallée :
Mass Spectrometry, Metabolomic, Proteomic
19-20th Oct, Int'l Toxicology Days in Liège, Belgium by the CHU of Liege

August 2017 :
New Standards from Wellington - Mass-Labelled Dioxins & PFECHS

February 2017
: new 5th Edition of the WILEY MS Library of Drugs, Poisons, Pesticides, Pollutants & their Metabolites
See the NIST/WILEY section

Imtakt : Next Generation HPLC Columns

Mini-catalogues from Chiron - Reference Material for :
Phthalates / Plasticizers
Flame Retardants
New Psychoactive Substances
Pesticides (Edition 2, Oct. 2015)
Water Analysis
Liquid Chromatography/LCMS > Imtakt HPLC Columns

IMTAKT HPLC Columns to solve complex separation problems

These HPLC columns are designed and manufactured by IMTAKT Corporation (Japan) with exceptional craftsmanship.
With decades of industry experience and innovation, IMTAKT offers a wide variety of unique stationary phases as shown in the product guide :

The IMTAKT HPLC columns give Chromatographers High Resolution and 25-50% Lower Pressure.

Scherzo Series: the Worlds's first multi-mode ODS columns
Anion Exchange + Cation Exchange + Neutral Compounds
Normal Phase + Reversed Phase
Can be used to separate highly polar compounds

IMTAKT Scherzo-smc18


Unison Series: Higher Resolution Analysis for Polar Compounds, Lower Back Pressure
Better Separation of Polar Compounds
Variety of Phases
No Phase Collapse in 100% Aqueous Elution
Excellent Vitamin Separation

IMTAKT Unison-ukc18


Cadenza Series: Better Separation of Hydrophobic Compounds
Higher Steric Selectivity
High Plate Count at a Low Flow Rate
Molecular Recognition
Multicomponent Separation

IMTAKT Cadenza-cdc18

Intrada Series: optimal for the Separation of Proteins and other large molecules
Superior Resolution Column with 3µm Particles
Optimal Surface Polarity for Faster Polymer Elution

IMTAKT Intrada-wprp


Presto FF-C18: High Resolution non-porous 2µm ODS Column
Reversed-phase Separation for bio- and synthetic-Polymers, Peptides, Proteins

IMTAKT Presto FF-C18

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